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Roofing Fraud

By June 3, 2016May 21st, 2020Insurance

Florida Roofers

Roofing Fraud is on the rise in Florida, particularly in areas that have recently experienced severe weather.  While most roofing contractors are honorable craftsmen, many resort to falsifying or exaggerating damages in order to generate business. Often, the roofing contractors are engaging in the practice of unlicensed adjusting, an offense punishable by law.  Another tool often employed by these unscrupulous characters is the AOB, or Assignment of Benefits. In many cases, the unsuspecting policyholder does not realize they have signed an AOB, which not only transfers control of the claim to the contractor but potentially subjects the policyholder to insurance fraud liability.  When any of the companies we represent elects to invoke their right to directly repair or replace an insured roof, they make certain that policyholders are in complete control of the claims process, are shielded from fraudulent and illegal activity while providing product and service quality far beyond industry standards.

Given the sensitivity to roofing fraud, please call your insurance agent before signing any contract or agreement with a roofing contractor.