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It’s Official – Florida Has The Worst Drivers

By July 22, 2017May 21st, 2020Insurance
​Florida has the worst drivers in the United States

A study released last year has confirmed that Florida is the worst place to drive in America.

The study, released by the website SmartAsset, studied every state’s propensity for driving tickets, traffic deaths, DUI arrests, and uninsured drivers, and ranked them all from worst to best. Florida was ranked the worst place to drive in the nation.

The study revealed that Florida has the second-lowest rate of insured drivers in America, likely due to the high number of recent immigrants in the state. Perhaps surprisingly, there are actually fewer DUI arrests per capita here than in most states.

The study confirms what anyone with eyes in Florida already knows: Everyone here drives like a maniac. Of the 25 worst states in the nation, Floridians Google the words “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets” significantly more than any other state. (Granted, this isn’t an actual count of traffic tickets issued, but it does hint at the overall number.) Florida outpaced the next-highest state, Alabama, by 15 points. 

So the next time you wonder why your auto insurance premium continues to increase while you haven’t had an accident or ticket, remember you live in Florida.