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I’m Planning for Retirement. Do I Still Need Life Insurance?

By March 27, 2015May 21st, 2020Insurance
Let’s be honest. Nowadays many people are taking longer and longer to retire. If you have made provisions for your health care costs, if you have an adequate investment and pension portfolio, and if you have no one relying on you for financial support you may afford to retire.

According to research found in the Journal of Financial Services a healthy 65 year old man has a life expectancy of 87. According to the same study a woman the same age has a life expectancy of 89. They also found that 38% of men and 50% of women will live to the age of 90.

With this in mind it should raise the question. Could I outlive my income? One solution to questions you may have is cash value life insurance. This will be there for you when you most need it and provides guarantees, and flexibility to changing situations. To learn more about cash value life insurance give us a call.