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Artisan Contractors Insurance

By October 12, 2015May 21st, 2020Insurance


Iyou are a contractor who performs only one trade or job, you are quoted under the Artisan Contractor category for insurance coverage. Artisan contractors are involved in many types of specialties such as plumbing, electrical work, minor excavation, landscaping, heating, air conditioning, painting, roofing, dry-walling, carpentry, remediation services, asphalt/paving, etc. As an independent insurance agency, we represent many insurance companies that have developed special insurance programs to address your insurance needs.  

The most important policy to you as an Artisan Contractor is the commercial liability insurance policy. The commercial liability insurance policy will defend you and pay on your behalf if you are found legally liable for bodily injury or property damage that is caused by your business operations.

Okay, you want to know how much a commercial liability insurance policy cost. First you need to know that every insurance company has a minimum premium for their commercial policies. So if you work with an independent insurance agency like us, we can shop for the right coverage with lowest minimum premium for you.

Call us and let us get to work for you.