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You probably NEED An Umbrella Policy

By April 15, 2014May 21st, 2020Insurance
Why would I need one?

To figure out if you need an umbrella policy, assess how likely it is that you could be held financially responsible for accidental injury to another person or their property. You may want to consider an umbrella policy if:

  • You own a home with a pool, have ATVs or boats, ora a large dog, as these factors increase the risk of causing accidental injuries to others.
  • Your family includes inexperienced drivers who have a higher crash rate.
  • You entertain often. In many states you could be held legally responsible for the actions of anyone who drinks alcohol in your home and then has an accident in your house or after leaving it.
  • You participate in activities such as snowmobiling, jet skiing, or motorcycle riding.
  • You own property or have investments and savings that are worth more than the liability limits in your homeowners and auto policies.

Cost – To you the cost could be insurmountable and crushing!
Price – The average for a policy is between $250 – $350 a year.

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