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Why Type of Car Matters for the Cost of Insurance

By April 17, 2014May 21st, 2020Insurance

Make and model are among the most important factors insurance companies consider when offering quotes, but other features of that car you’re desiring matter too. Consider the following in mind when selecting a new car to buy:

  • What your car says about your driving habits. Parents of young children often go for reliable minivans and smaller SUVs, and their safe driving habits mean savings for all. Sports car fans, on the other hand, are usually in it for the speed and performance, and rates on those types of cars show it.

  • The latest model will cost more to insure. Buying last year’s model may lose you a style point or two, but it can help you save on car insurance.

  • Consider adding safety features. Things like antilock brakes and LoJack security systems can help you lock in significant discounts.

  • Consider a hybrid. While hybrids feature parts and systems that can be expensive to repair or replace, their drivers tend to be safety-conscious, leading to lower rates.

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