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How To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim

By September 25, 2016May 21st, 2020Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Did your home suffer a disaster? Here’s how to file a claim.

The point of having homeowners insurance is so that you can file a claim, instead of paying out of pocket. If your home is damaged, destroyed, or burglarized, you may be entitled to file a claim so that you don’t have to repair and recover your home and belongings on your own. The good news is that, regardless of the disaster your home faces, the claims process doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Although each insurance company has a different claims process, there are some general guidelines for what to do to make the claims process go smoothly. Read through your policy to determine where your responsibilities lie.

Remain Safe
First and foremost, remain safe. If you’re the victim of a theft or if your home has been vandalized, call the police to report the crime. Get a police report and the names of all law enforcement officers that you speak with.

Pick Up the Phone
Call your homeowner insurer and let them know about the disaster. Claims can take time, but informing your insurance agency as soon as possible helps you to get the ball rolling.

Prevent Further Damage
Take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage (this is a requirement of your policy). Make minor repairs if necessary.

Make a List of All Destroyed/Damaged Items
You’re going to need to list what exactly you’ve lost in the disaster. Avoid throwing out damaged items until the adjuster has visited your home. Consider photographing or videotaping the damage. If you have one, now is the time to review your home inventory list.

Keep a Paper Trail
Make notes of everything you do along with receipts of expenses. If you have to move into temporary housing after a disaster, many insurance policies provide coverage for the “additional living expenses”. 

Your insurance company may arrange for an adjuster to come and inspect your home. When you and your insurance company agree to the terms of a settlement, you’ll be sent the payment promptly so that you can get your home back up and running.

Whether you’ve suffered a theft or a natural disaster, homeowners insurance is there to pick up the pieces. Work with an insurance company that is dedicated to protecting you and your home. Contact  Emerge Insurance Agency. We serve Jacksonville, and neighboring cities in Florida.