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Home Insurance and Safety Discounts

By July 30, 2014May 21st, 2020Insurance
Deadbolts, smoke detectors, alarm systems and sprinklers can help you save

The statistics are startling.

According to the National Fire Protection Association:

  • More than one in three home fire deaths occurred in a home without a smoke alarm.
  • One in four home fire deaths occurred in a home without a working smoke detector.
  • Twice as many people died in homes without a working smoke detector than in homes with a working smoke detector.

Smoke detectors save lives and property. And, they’re just one of the safety features that may help you earn a safety discount on homeowners insurance.

Smoke detectors discount
To properly protect your home, it’s important to install a smoke detector on each level of your home. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association recommends installing a battery-operated or electric smoke detector in every bedroom or separate sleeping area. To earn a safety discount on your homeowners insurance, you typically need to have a smoke detector on each floor of your home.

Fire alarms and burglar alarms discount
A burglar alarm can be an important tool to protect your home by notifying authorities when suspicious activities occur. The FBI reports 60% of home break-ins involved forced entry. Likewise, fire alarms can alert fire departments of a problem before a fire spreads. To take advantage of a safety discount for your home’s fire alarm or burglar alarm, you may need to provide a copy of your service contract or current bill to your insurance company.

Deadbolt discount
According to the FBI, nearly one in three home break-ins occurs without forced entry. In most cases, that means a burglar entered a home through an unlocked door or window. In some cases, burglars will try multiple doors. That’s why adding a deadbolt to every door is important. To qualify for a deadbolt discount, you typically need to have deadbolts on every door in your home, condo or apartment. When installing a deadbolt, look for one that extends well into the frame of your door. That helps provide extra protection should a thief try to pressure the lock.

Sprinklers discount
Home sprinkler systems serve two important purposes. They suppress fires, giving your family additional time to escape a burning home. With a sprinkler system installed, the risk of dying in a home fire drops by 80%, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Home sprinkler systems also react instantly to the presence of smoke and flames, helping protect your home. In fact, the National Fire Prevention Association finds homes with sprinklers have 71% lower property losses per fire than homes without sprinkler systems. To qualify for a sprinkler discount, you may be required to complete some additional paperwork with your insurance company; ask them to find out.

All of the companies us represent offer discounts to varying degrees for home safety features — up to 15% — on your home insurance. Call us to find out which discounts are available and what documentation is required. More important, home safety devices can also provide added protection to your home and family. That is priceless.


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