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Does Your Business Need Terrorism Insurance?

By May 5, 2017May 21st, 2020Insurance
With every commercial liability and property policy, regulations require that the option to purchase terrorism be offered. Business owners are increasingly in need of advanced insurance products for protection in today’s digital world. One of the ways you can protect your company is with the use of terrorism insurance. This type of business insurance can provide you with financial protection from losses you suffer as a result of terrorist activity. Take a good look at these policies. They differ significantly from each other because they are a newer form of protection. Nevertheless, they are becoming more vital than ever.
What Does Terrorism Insurance Cover?
Terrorism coverage is a type of public and private risk-sharing partnership that allows the insurance industry and the federal government to share in the losses when a terrorist attack happens. It was put into place through the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act in 2002. In short, it allows a business to recover losses and rebuild after such an event occurs.
This type of commercial business insurance can cover both destroyed and damaged property such as your building, its furnishings, its equipment and its inventory. It may also cover a long-term interruption of your business. In some cases, it can also provide a level of liability protection from claims made against your business in relation to terrorism.
These policies do have exclusions, and they differ from one state to the next. They may exclude coverage for a fire after such events, as well as chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological attacks. In addition, you should have specific cyber insurance to protect against cyberterrorism
Do You Need It?
Not all businesses need to have this type and level of coverage, but more do now than have in the past. The cost for this coverage tends to be inexpensive in most areas, and those who live in a rural or residential area may be less likely to need this coverage than those businesses operating in a city center. If you operate in or near airports, government buildings or other busy traffic areas, you are at an increased risk.
All types of business insurance are important. Talk to your agent about the benefits of adding terrorism insurance to your policies and take advantage of the protection available to you.
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