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Breast Cancer Awareness: 5 Myths

By October 21, 2017May 21st, 2020Insurance


With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, now is the time to understand the risks breast cancer presents.

Almost 13 percent of woman in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. Separating the multitude of myths regarding breast cancer from fact will go a long way towards preventing, diagnosing and (for those who end up with) defeating breast cancer.

Here are 5 common myths that have been proven false about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Myths

I have no family history of breast cancer. Therefore, I’m not at risk.
Unfortunately, about 70 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer, have no prior history of breast cancer. Obviously, if you have a relative who was diagnosed with breast cancer, then you will be more at-risk compared to someone who has no family history of breast cancer, but good genetics won’t make you immune to breast cancer’s affects.

There’s no way to prevent breast cancer
Technically, this is true. There’s no surefire way of preventing breast cancer. However, there are precautions you can take to lower your risk. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and limiting your alcohol consumption can help keep your breast cancer chances low. When it comes to diagnosing breast cancer, 90 percent are based on lifestyle and environmental factors.

Breast Cancer can only appear as a lump
About 10 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer, have no noticeable lumps. Make sure you know all of the signs of breast cancer. An early diagnosis will improve your chances of recovery substantially. Here are few more symptoms of breast cancer, from

  • A change in how the breast or nipple feels or looks
  • A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area
  • Breast pain or nipple tenderness
  • A change in the size or shape of the breast
  • A nipple or skin that turns inward into the breast
  • Feeling warm to the touch
  • Scaly, red, or swollen skin of the breast, areola, or nipple, perhaps with ridges or pitting that resembles an orange peel
  • Nipple discharge

Pregnant women are immune to breast cancer
Sadly, breast cancer is the most common cancer among pregnant women.

Men can’t get breast cancer
More than 2,000 men get diagnosed with breast cancer every year. While breast cancer is more prevalent in women, men with breast cancer have a higher mortality rate due to a delayed diagnosis.

Breast cancer is a debilitating disease. You can’t afford to make assumptions when it comes to cancer. These facts can help you understand the real risks of ignoring signs of breast cancers.